Eugene L. Berman

I was born in 1972 in Kharkov, Ukraine, I moved with my family to Israel in 1991 and since 2001 I live in Foster City, California. I'm a full-time software engineer. For years, computers and software were my primary areas of interests, but photography was my true passion. One of the brightest memories of my childhood - I'm sitting next to my father in the darkroom, watching him turn safelights on and off, dip exposed prints in the developer tray and holding my breath when the image suddenly appears on the paper. It was more than thirty years ago, but I still feel that magic when I work on my photographs - even though I use modern digital technologies. The magic of place, the silence of sunset, the beauty of human body and personality, the great freedom of flying and seeing the world from above is what I'm trying to capture and express with my photos. But, besides that, photography for me is a passion for the endless game of light and dark, mirrors and sensitive elements.

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